What do office cleaning contractors specialize in?


There are so many different types of office cleaning contractors in business today. From universal cleaners to floor restoration services, they all have their unique niche that they specialize in. Today we will discuss some of the more common specializations for commercial cleaning companies and what you can expect from them.

7 Things the office cleaning contractors specialize in

1) They'll make you a thorough cleaning checklist:

One of the primary services that office cleaning contractors in Adelaide offer are a complete and thorough plan for your business. These professionals will come in and perform a detailed inspection of your property for a small fee. They'll look at things like how many people work at your company, what you do there if certain areas have been ignored or forgotten about previously, etc.

2) They'll list down the high and low priority cleaning areas:

Most office cleaning contractors will want to know the difference between standard and high priority areas. They'll use this knowledge to determine how much time they should spend on each building area. Therefore, make sure you do not confuse their findings with what you expect them to clean; they are professionals and can handle making these decisions themselves!

3) They'll research new or improved products and ask for your consent to have them employed in your office cleaning:

A few commercial cleaning services may want to be more hands-on and try out new products or potentially change their current cleaning process. Moreover, these contractors will come to you with their findings and ask for permission to use these items in your building.

4) They'll discuss which cleaning methods and supplies to use for your cleaning service:

When it comes time to actually clean, the office cleaning contractors will recommend which chemicals and equipment to use. They'll also provide you with a list of their preferred vendors so you can order the supplies yourself.

5) They'll make sure the cleaning schedule fits the way your office operates:

While there is no such thing as a catch-all perfect cleaning schedule for every office, the office cleaning services Adelaide will do their very best to create a plan that works for you. They will usually ask what days you need the cleaning completed so they can sync it with the rest of your employees' schedules.

6) They'll make sure your office cleaning is maintained regularly:

Most office cleaning contractors will be willing to come back and do a follow-up inspection on the building to make sure it is still being properly maintained. Besides, they'll also offer suggestions for ways you can improve your current service agreement or schedule.

7) They'll provide cost-effective solutions:

Finally, the commercial cleaners will try their best to devise an office cleaning service that is both thorough and cost-effective for your company. For example, they may suggest performing the daily cleanings themselves so you can save money on guest cleaners. They'll likely be able to give you a detailed estimate of what your building will require in terms of time, funds spent, etc.

Office Cleaning contractors can also assist you with the following services:

1) Floor restoration services

2) Window washing

3) Striping and waxing of floors

4) Carpet cleaning services

5) Dedicated team for post-construction clean up (i.e., "Move-in" & "move-out")

6) Scheduling and managing

7) Customized, integrated facility services agreement

8) Hoarding removal

9) Post-disaster recovery

10) Grease trap cleaning for restaurants or other food establishments.


How to find an ideal office cleaning service provider?

1) Look for a company with 5+ years of experience

2) Ensure the company has general liability insurance in place.

3) Request customer references and testimonials from past clients. Besides, you can also Google them to check their online reviews.

5) Verify that the company is bonded or has workers compensation insurance in place.

6) Ask for their cleaning license, certifications, or any other legal statement by the law to prove their work credibility.

7) For safety reasons, ensure that all your cleaners are screened for criminal records before they start working for you.

8) Ensure they follow proper safety guidelines of Coronavirus along with the necessary safety measures

9) Ask them to provide a quote in advance before commencing the work



Office cleaning contractors are some of the best people to have around your business. They'll give you great value for the price and almost ensure you never have to deal with dirty work again! Besides, they may also offer insights about their work process to increase transparency and reliability between both parties.

So, have you used the help of an office cleaning contractor yet? If not, it may be time to consider one soon! You may approach A Grade Office Cleaning Services to help you with the cleaning service. They will ensure to keep your office tidy and dirt-free throughout the week.